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Asset Management

Silverbricks Asset Management Group provides discretionary securities account management services. Our team provides services such as managing securities accounts, stock and bond investments.

Silverbricks longs to know our customers

After understanding our customer’s investment and preference of risk , we apply professional knowledge and skill to manage risk in the market. Even if the stock market fluctuates, our hedging portfolio established by Silverbricks’ team will effectively obtain stable returns.

HHG Investment Fund SPC

On the other hand, Silverbricks Asset Management Group has an HHG Investment Fund SPC. Our fund consists stocks from different sectors – cultural industries, SPAC listings, frozen chain logistics fixed income, Pre-IPO and luxury goods, etc. Our main goal is to find suitable and diversified investment projects for our customers.

Tailor-made Funds

Silverbricks Asset Management Group is capable to set up tailor-made funds according to need of our clients. Please feel free contact us for more information .



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元庫資產管理有限公司 (「本公司」)近日收到公眾人士查詢,指有騙徒於內地假冒本公司的名義,自稱為「元庫資產管理有限公司」或「元庫創領資產管理有限公司」(「假冒公司」)招攬內地投資者,





如欲進一步查詢,歡迎與本公司的客戶服務部聯絡: 電話: (852) 39985120 或 電郵: cs@silverbricks.com.hk


About false information on the internet

Recent spreading false information on some social platforms, including statement that Silverbricks Securities is unable to withdraw funds and has subscribed for the initial public offering of Guomai Culture&Media Co.,Ltd. (301052). We, hereby, make the following declaration .

Our company is supervised by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong(SFC). Our finances are sound and has no issues with deposits and withdrawals. Meanwhiles, we does not subscribe any shares of Guomai Culture&Media Co.,Ltd. (301052)

Our company condemns this untrue remarks and reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities. If customers have any questions, please call our company for inquiries, Tel: 3998 5120