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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy Statement (“Statement”) applied to the user SILVERBRICKS Web site.
*Please note that this statement prior to revision from time to time without notice, you should regularly check the latest version.

1. Protecting your privacy

SILVERBRICKS SECURITIES COMPANY LIMITED (Hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) are committed to properly handle personal information in order to protect the privacy of customers, committed to the protection and maintenance of readers and customers’ personal data security, and pledged full implementation of and compliance with “the Personal Data (Privacy) Regulations”. We respect your right to privacy, set out in this statement hereby have the collection, use and disclosure of personal information of the Code of the company, so that when you provide personal information to make appropriate choices.

2. Collection and use of personal data

When you register as a user the SILVERBRICKS , you are required to provide specific personal information, or we may not be able to process your application and provide services, and will therefore cause delays or; other personal information voluntarily provided by you, is a major customer demographics, improved products, services and promotion. Without your consent, this site will not use your personal information or disclose your personal information to any other third party, in order to achieve the purpose of direct marketing. In line with the Company’s business operations, The Company may collect from you and save the following to a part or all of the personal information, including but not limited to the followings
  • Access to our website and use login email and password of our services
  • Your personal information (for example: your name, nickname, Facebook display name, gender, personal identification number, date of birth, region, children, industry, job, education level, monthly personal income-related information)
  • Your contact information (for example: your telephone number, mailing address, email address and fax number)
Except where noted otherwise, when you visit our website we will collect your records and visiting the Internet Protocol address (IP Address), and do not collect any of your personal information. We will be recorded through the services provided, the information will be used for analysis of the number of site visitors, usage and user browsing habits and let know what this site more popular, and let visitors enjoy personalized content, services and prompt messages, etc. and create a better online experience. Recording technique we used include, but are not limited to browsing history to the server, Web beacons (Page tagging), pixel tags (pixel tags) and hosting the guest system (Cookies) and so on. Cookies are emitted from the server and stored in small text files inside your guest system, the function is to get the configuration information and analyzes web users’ browsing habits. Cookies store users, once again visit the website will not have to re-register. Web site often used to track user preferences Cookies website theme. It may close on their own in the guest system cookies set, but does not automatically have the opportunity to log in using certain personal and other functions. Any part of our Web site established by Cookies (if any) will not be used to collect personal information. In addition, we also have the opportunity to gather IP addresses or smartphone / tablet PC UDID, to provide such personal service.

3. Other pages with links and advertising platform

This Privacy Policy applies only to our website. The company’s services include advertising, links to other pages of hyperlinks (Hyperlink) and system accounts feature is not within the scope of this Privacy Policy Statement guaranteed. We also protect your browsing is not responsible for the ads using other Internet services, or register for an account other operating system platforms (including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows platform, etc.), the possible leakage of privacy, personal information and may be subject to interference or influence of Cookies, you are advised to refer to their privacy policy (if any). We may collect, retain and use your personal data for the following purposes.
  • Verify your identity
  • Process your application for using our service or becoming a member
  • According to Chapter 486, “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” Defining reconciliation program/li>
  • Provide your required services and membership program
  • Regulation and management of such services and membership programs, including a service contract renewal, charges, billing and collection of arrears
  • Conduct research or analysis to improve our products and / or services and loyalty programs, as well as for research, marketing and promotional purposes
  • In response, the handling and execution to submit any queries by you
  • Maintenance and development of mobile communications business systems and infrastructure, including testing and updating of such systems
  • Assist in the prevention, detection or investigation of criminal or potential criminal activity, or provide assistance in accordance with the law
In addition to the relevant records, the company will retain the user in the Internet browser or self-generated queries to the server, including: IP address connection, use of time, using a browser, the browser and click data records. The company in the collection of your personal data, will
  • explain to you the company is collecting your personal information and the collection of use
  • provide you “veto” opportunities (ie limiting the company related to the use of personal information for certain specified purposes), and
  • describe available for you to view, change, and delete personal data storage method。

4. Personal data for promotion

After your consent, we may use your name, membership code, gender, ID / passport number, date of birth, regions, industries, jobs, education level, monthly income-related personal information, preferences, etc., and about you already buy products and / or information services in order to provide you with our products and / or services (including financial information, news, and education), as well as products and / or services provided by our business partners from time to time, its business categories include mobile communications, jewelry, social events, hotel, tourism, banking, sports, music, entertainment and leisure, gaming, transportation, home life, clothing, tobacco, food, finance, insurance, gaming, books, education, health and health and beauty products, fashion trend products, electronic products, social networks, technology, e-business, mobile applications, mobile payment, cloud services, retail, home decoration, media, logistics, auction, real estate, concierge services, charitable services, car , government and high-end consumer products.

5. Security of Personal Information

When a site receives your personal data, system will immediately save and protect it, only authorized and relevant staff will be permitted access to relevant information. The company will ensure that employees comply with the security and confidentiality of personal data of conduct. Your online registration, the Company will confirm your membership and attach personal password by email. If necessary, you can (through its website or otherwise) from time to time required to change your password. You shall be responsible for the confidentiality above passwords and take full responsibility for all activities that occur in accordance with such password. You agree
  • In the event of any unauthorized use of your password or any other breach of security situation, we will immediately notify the Company, and
  • Ensure that you visit the website at the end of each to your account exit from the site. Any loss of the company could not and will not have by your failure to comply with the provisions of article 3 or damage arising from responsibility.
You acknowledge that the above code is confidential information shall not be disclosed to any person in any case. Any words, actions or conduct in violation of the confidentiality of you, either intentionally or unintentionally, will lead to you to thus causing all liability for loss or damage to the Company. It must take all necessary precautions to maintain the encryption and personal identification code of confidentiality. You may wish to agree and acknowledge that any person (whether or not authorized by you) with a password to use these services, and you will be considered to constitute itself using the service. The event of any actual or possible unauthorized use of such passwords situation, you must immediately notify the company, and then confirm this in writing to the above companies. Before the Company received written confirmation of such, you have no right to claim against the Company, and shall indemnify the Company for all losses and the use of any service (whether or not authorized by you) suffered, liability to the Company. You acknowledge and agree that the Company’s sole responsibility is to verify the password only, and the Company is not required to
  • When the fault is related directly or indirectly to bear any losses you or any other person or for failing to carry out the instructions through various electronic delivery channels or perform any of its obligations relating to such instructions suffered due to circumstances beyond the control of the Company or an event or damage, or
  • be liable for any loss or damage you or any other person as a result of instructions to a correct password provided through various electronic delivery channels suffered.
We acknowledge that, given the nature of the Internet, the company can not guarantee that any transport service to any personally identifiable information, content, or other materials are conducted entirely secure. Through the use of and access to any services and take into account access to and use of these services, you acknowledge that the security features contained in the Company’s security statement adopted by the Company is sufficient to meet all of your purpose.

6. Enquiries and Complaints

Should you have any questions or comments for our Privacy Policy Statement, please email to service@silverbricks.com to contact us.



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About false information on the internet

Recent spreading false information on some social platforms, including statement that Silverbricks Securities is unable to withdraw funds and has subscribed for the initial public offering of Guomai Culture&Media Co.,Ltd. (301052). We, hereby, make the following declaration .

Our company is supervised by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong(SFC). Our finances are sound and has no issues with deposits and withdrawals. Meanwhiles, we does not subscribe any shares of Guomai Culture&Media Co.,Ltd. (301052)

Our company condemns this untrue remarks and reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities. If customers have any questions, please call our company for inquiries, Tel: 3998 5120