There are various kinds of future products available for trading in the market such as commodities, agricultural products and currencies, and the Hang Seng Index Futures and H-shares Index Futures in Hong Kong are among the best-known financial market index futures by the investors in Hong Kong. Generally speaking, investors can use the index futures as a means to hedge their existing portfolio, or to profit by making directional investments after performing analyses of market fluctuations.

Product consists

Our company currently provides the following index futures for trading:
  • Hang Seng Index Futures
  • Mini Hang Seng Index Futures
  • H-shares Index Futures
  • Mini H-shares Index Futures
  • HIS Volatility Index
  • BRICS Futures (Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa)

Futures & options - commissions and service charges


About false information on the internet

Recent spreading false information on some social platforms, including statement that Silverbricks Securities is unable to withdraw funds and has subscribed for the initial public offering of Guomai Culture&Media Co.,Ltd. (301052). We, hereby, make the following declaration .

Our company is supervised by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong(SFC). Our finances are sound and has no issues with deposits and withdrawals. Meanwhiles, we does not subscribe any shares of Guomai Culture&Media Co.,Ltd. (301052)

Our company condemns this untrue remarks and reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities. If customers have any questions, please call our company for inquiries, Tel: 3998 5120